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Things that you need to consider in choosing the Perfect Necklace for Hers

Have you ever bought a necklace because you think it's pretty, then when you got home and tried on your outfits with it, it didn't seem to match anything at all? Well, one thing's for sure, the necklace is indeed pretty and so is everything in your wardrobe. So what seems to be the problem?

Necklaces - Taylormade by Blake Taylor


In picking a jewelry you need to consider a few things in order to find the piece that works perfectly for you. So, read through this article and learn about the things that you need to consider when buying a necklace.

  • Your Skin tone

  • This is actually applicable to any jewelry that you prefer. You need to consider your skin tone versus the color of the necklace. You need to look carefully in the mirror how it would look on your skin and note just your outfit. And will also help you know if the jewelry has a content that you have an allergic reaction to. 

  • Shape of Face and body

  • You also need to consider your face and body shape. Jewelry should serve as an accent to your beautiful features. Therefore, it should compliment  whether your face is round or not. Knowing your face and body shape may also help you choose a design that fits you best. 

  • Necklace Length

  • The length of a necklace is also needed to be considered. Where the pendant would land on your chest matters in compliment to your style or outfit. You have to be aware with the different types of necklace length, so that you'll be able to pick the perfect necklace for your outfit. For the types of necklace, there are choker type, princess length, and opera length. 

  • Occasion

  • In picking a necklace you have to determine the occasion wherein you'll wear your jewelry piece. This is basically just common knowledge. Well, of course, you shouldn't wear necklaces with fancy huge pendants in opera length on a formal setup such as, for official meetings or business matters. You need to choose the appropriate piece for every occasion. 

    Necklaces - Taylormade by Blake Taylor

    It is important to consider all the above mentioned before you pick a necklace. As much as we encourage taking risks, we want you to learn these things to avoid taking unnecessary risks. We'd love to help you find the perfect necklace piece for you. 

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