Tips on How to Wear Men's Bracelets – Taylormade by Blake Taylor

Tips on How to Wear Men's Bracelets

There was never a rule that men would be less masculine if they wear bracelets. Wearing bracelets won't make look less manly! But rather, more fashionable and probably appealing. However, there are some tips that you'd like to take note of before deciding on what bracelets to wear. 

Men's bracelet - Taylormade by Blake Taylor

  • Wear your bracelet like a wrist watch

  • Men's bracelets are not made dangling like women's bracelets. Bracelets are fashionably fit to men's wrist like a wrist watch. You may want to choose a bracelet that accents your skin tone or your outfit. 

  • Consider the Occasion 

  • You need to consider the occasion as well. As to avoid having your bracelet mismatched with your outfit. Try to have a few pieces of bracelets in your collection so that you'll have options to choose from. 

  • Mix and Match

  • Thin bracelets can be matched with thick bracelets even on one wrist. You can also wear different styles of thin bracelets but you can't wear multiple thick bracelets. You can also mix in some thin bracelets with your wrist watch. But remember, to consider the size of your wrist to avoid wearing too many bracelets at once. Do not go for matching bracelets on both wrists, it'd look like a cuff, which is not cool. Also, don't wear bracelets on both wrists. One wrist is enough for multiple bracelets even with a wrist watch. 

  • Go for simple

  • Simple can still be fancy. You don't have to pressure yourself to look cool in your bracelets and end up looking like a fool. Try researching and looking into websites (like ours, Blake Taylor) to see what would be the perfect for you. You may also want to ask some fashion experts for further help. Nonetheless, just go with what you think you look good at. 

    Men's bracelet - Taylormade by Blake Taylor

    There's nothing more satisfying in dressing up with accessories than making yourself happy that you wore them. Jewelries are for everybody. Regardless of skin color, body shape, height, or even lifestyle. It doesn't matter as long as you take into consideration a few things before picking jewelry or wearing a piece. 

    Men's Bracelet
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