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About Us

Taylormade by BlakeTaylor

With Jewelry in our bloodline for almost 70 years now, we are the creatives of the Jewelry Industry. Combining luxury with fine jewelry and uniqueness, we are an exclusive, high-end brand that prides ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of our finest jewelry. Taylormade by BlakeTaylor manufactures and sells luxurious, limited edition gold, diamond, and precious stones in the United States.


Our use of quality materials enables us to distribute deluxe items that guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. Our commitment to this forever-evolving industry, allows us to stay in-tune with seasonal trends. Our skillset within this industry, particularly this generation, also permits us to channel our creativity to form our own trends within the market. Our devotion to the industry and contentment of our customers aligns with our core values of manufacturing the highest-end, luxurious materials available to the industry. We promise to uphold our standards of being a highly-regarded, opulent brand so that consumers trust in Taylormade collection by BlakeTaylor to provide precious tokens for life’s most valuable moments.