WEDDING BANDS – Taylormade by Blake Taylor


This is a day that every woman dreams about. The day they finally get to tie the knot with that special someone. And what better way to do it than with some Blake Taylor Jewelry. With our custom-made, 14K and 18K white, yellow, and pink gold, as well as platinum-finish wedding bands, we promise you the ring of your dreams. Manufactured in the United States, we customize every piece to each individual’s liking whether that be something available to our website, or an off-style ring made just for you! This line was customized to fulfill peoples’ life long dreams and our quality materials and highest-end craftsmanship ensures that we do just that. Out of our numerous options, we hope that you find the ring that symbolizes the commitment that you are making. If you don’t see something you adore, contact us here and we will make a custom ring, just for you!